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Meditation is such a powerful tool in mindfulness. There are so many ways to meditate and it is not all sitting cross legged and chanting! I mean, there is that, but Meditation can also take the form of gardening, fishing or just enjoying a sunset. 
In our sessions, we look at what meditation means to you and how you can get the best out of your mind.

Energy Healing

Energy Healing works to realign your Chakras - the energy centres of our body. Think of them like beautiful wheel cogs - when all turning the same direction at the same pace we are balanced, but what happens when they turn the opposite way, or change pace - this is when we just don't feel like ourselves. Energy Healing cleans out the chakras and rebalances you to restore free flow.

Holistic Counselling

Holistic Counselling looks at how our mind, body and soul all work together, with our life experiences to make up our thought patterns. How it makes up why we act the way do and why we think what we do. The Holistic approach is effective in looking at how we can change our thoughts to align to our true self

Sound Healing

Using sound bowls, rainsticks, bells, gongs and music, sound healing works on many levels. The sound bowls align to our chakras, plus they are at different frequencies to trigger different parts of your subconscious mind. Sound healing can be used to treat anxiety, depression and stress related illness - but it can also be a lovely way to just relax